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Nov 17, 2017

The Ninjababes is a fearless group of ninja women athletes who encourage and empower other women.  They are awesome ladies who are strong and determined and inspire their friends to build their own passion and self-confidence for obstacle course training and for life! 

This episode features an interview with Maggi Thorne.  You will hear all about her personal journey with ninja and what projects she is working on now.  You'll also hear me rant a little bit about Thanksgiving and pies and talk about some great places to score gifts for your friends for the holidays. use code ninjababe for 20% off for all the ninjababe apparel and the most awesome 'POWER TO THE NINJABABES' tote bag 

You make this community great! Never forget that you are valued and a vital part to our ninja journey together.  Crush it this week on the course!