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Oct 2, 2017

Hello and welcome to the Ninjababes.  This is an intro, or a teaser if you will, to a much greater body of work.  To come are full length episodes filled with laughter, great stories, behind the scenes type insight, and tellings of accolades by ninja athletes we all know and love. 

What really is Ninjababes you ask? and who are these Ninjababes? Ninjababes is a group of ninja women athletes who want to continue to encourage and empower other women ninjas.  They are full of life and energy and are stoked about this ninja journey.  If you are reading this description chances are YOU are a ninjababe or you know a ninjababe and want to support the community!

Tune in every week as we hear the unforgettable firsthand encounters of ninja's experiences on and off the course, and get blasted with inspiration and good vibes.